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Star Trek: The Farthest Star (TFS), formerly Star Trek: Swiftfire (SWF), is a Star Trek fan fiction series that is set in the prime universe written by me, Jay L.R. All stories, unless labelled as being part of the Spectrum series, take place in a unified continuity (referred to as the TFS continuity).

The core period that TFS will cover is the TNG era, particularly around the 2360s and 2370s. However, the Star Trek universe is a big place that stretches across a vast area and timeline you can expect to visit places near and far, past and future.


The best rating I can apply to my fan fiction from would be MA. My stories may contain mature content in the form of: Adult Themes, Violence, Coarse Language, Sexual References and/or Acts, Alcohol/Drug Use, Scenes of a Distressing Nature.

I currently do not individually tag stories with warnings. Please use your discretion as to whether, due to the rating, you should be reading any of these stories.

Canon and continuity

Something I never thought about talking about until I joined the Star Trek Expanded Universe wiki: what do I hold as canon and within the continuity of this series? My main aim is to have my fanfic be consistent with Star Trek canon. By that I mean I endeavour not to purposefully contradict events of what is considered to be canon in the prime universe (the timeline of TOS, TAS(?), TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, and films 1 - 10). This is the main setting I'm going to use, though when I do deviate in a major way those stories will be labelled as such.

Currently there is new prime universe Trek being produced. At the moment it is in the form of Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard (other productions are in the works). Currently I'm more or less ignoring them because my main focus is the 2360s/70s and they having well before or after that. I'll try to be consistent with any additions or changes they make to canon, but while I'm trying to sit my series into what is canon there is no denying that because this is a fanfic it's an alternate universe by definition. So I do have more leeway on what is "canon" to my series and I'll decide on a case-by-case whether to fix or keep any potential conflicts between my continuity and Star Trek canon.

As for licensed products (novels, games, comics) I don’t count any of them as part of my continuity. I did at one stage plan to include the DS9 relaunch, but I no longer plan to attempt to be consistent with it or the wider current novel continuity. The reason is simply that I don't like some of the things the novelverse has done further along the timeline andI don't want to be hemmed into that path. However, I do pick bits out that I like and drop them into my continuity.

The closest I have to other material being part of my continuity is my use of the RPG netbooks by Steven Long. Given SWF was so focused on the Dominion War the Dominion War Sourcebook was just about perfect for me. A lot of the military structure I use is from the DWS and there is a bunch of stuff (events, characters, ships, and technology) that I would like to include. His Ship Recognitions Manuals are also packed with interesting ships from a range of empires and in particular expanded out the non-Federation fleets. They really helped flesh out SWF and will probably do the same for TFS.

On ships I should mention the Sins of A Solar Empire mod: Star Trek Armada III. It is a fantastic mod for one of my favourite games. I've decided to show my appreciation for it by including the ships from it into my fanfic. The ships are a mix of non-canon designs from other Trek games and fan-created designs. This coupled with the Steven Long Ship Recognition Manuals gives me a fantastic catalogue of vessels to populate my fanfic universe with.

My involvement with the Star Trek: Unity collaborative work has created questions in the past as to how my series connects to those involved. Short answer is outside of the events of Unity they aren't connected at all. Events in the other series or their interpretation of canon aren't part of TFS (originally SWF) continuity, much like they wouldn't count what happens in SWF as necessarily occurring in their fanfic universes. Anyway, currently the 2 Unity stories are labelled as being in an alternate universe to keep them separate from whatever I do as I (re)build TFS continuity.

The best way to see what I include in my continuity is to visit the Star Trek: The Farthest Star wiki. It is focused on my continuity so it is pretty much just relevant information to my fanfic. I also try to keep it well sourced and the references accurate so you can tell what is from canon, from non-canon, what is specific to TFS and how it all fits together.

So that's basically it.  Hope that helps and if it doesn't drop me a line and I'll see if I can help.