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Epilogue: Bajor Reborn

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  Jake found himself back in the familiar empty white space. He looked around and realised he was back in control. The presence he felt inside him was gone. He held his hands up in front of him and wiggled his fingers just to make sure. The Prophet had truly left him.

  “Hello?” he called out. “Prophet?”

  His words disappeared into the endless expanse with silence as his only reply.

  “HELLO?” he called again.


  Jake spun around and saw his wife and child. Both looked confused and scared.

  “Korena? Benny?”

  Jake embraced them tightly. A surge of relief that he wasn’t alone and that his family was there filled him. His wife held him as tightly as he did her. He felt her thundering heart against his chest. Her relief to see him was just as strong as his.

  “How did you get here?” he asked as they broke their long embrace.

  “I don’t know. We were on Bajor and there was this light. Everything went…then we were here with you,” his wife tried to explain, though she seemed no clearer on the facts than Jake was. She looked around them and asked the inevitable question, “Where are we?”

  “You’re in the Celestial Temple.”

  As seemed to be the way with where they were Jake turned to see his father was suddenly standing next to them.


  His father grabbed his shoulders and squeezed. “You did well, Jake-o.”

  “Is that…your…the Emissary!” said Korena as she bowed in supplication.

  “Dad, I want you to meet my wife, Korena. And our son, Ben,” he said with absolute pride.

  Sisko smiled widely at Jake’s family. It was a look that Jake had longed to see from his father, but had resigned himself to never receiving. It was one of happiness and of pride in Jake.

  “I have been waiting for this for…a while,” his father said. He reached out and hugged Korena, who still seemed overwhelmed by the entire situation.

  “Thank you, Emissary,” she said shakily.

  “Ben is fine. We’re family,” he said with a warm smile to Korena.

  The mostly stunned look on his wife started to change to a smile. Jake’s father could always win over people quickly.

  “Ben,” she repeated. She looked down at her son and said, “Benny, this is your grandfather.”

  His father turned his attention to Jake’s son. He knelt down in front of Benny and said,

  “Hi, Benny. That’s a nice name.”

  He stretched out his hand, which Benny cautiously took. Jake didn’t think it was possible, but his father’s smile got wider as he shook hands with his grandson.

  “I thought you said he had gone to the Celestial Temple?” said Benny addressing Jake and Korena.

  “I have. So have you,” stated his father.

  “Does that mean we’re…I was underground and…” struggled Jake to ask the question that was on the tip of his tongue.

  His father stood back up and said, “You were all brought here by the Prophets.”


  “Everyone who is of Bajor.”

  “Everyone? As in all of Bajor?” asked Jake with disbelief. “But why?”

  “To celebrate in the Prophets’ victory over evil. It’s the final part of the prophecy.”

  His father cast his hands wide before him. The whiteness that encompassed them started to fade as everything around them changed. Jake gasped as it all became clear.

  “Welcome,” his father continued. “To the rebirth of Bajor!”