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There's No Angel Here cover

The Final Prophecy

Jake Sisko has long been haunted by nightmares connected to his father joining the Prophets. However, as the twentieth anniversary of that day approaches Jake's dream become much more and he is set on the path of prophecy and change with the fate of an entire people in his hands.

Tales From the Farthest Star

Tales is a set of short stories set in the Farthest Star universe.


The Harbinger sees a future that cannot be allowed to occur with only one way to stop it - the death of one man.
Terri Letac finds herself lost following the Fall of the Federation. (Alternate universe)
Rex Callan arrives on a backwater planet to meet a contact.
Aimee Wessling tells her parents of her desire to join Starfleet.

Terri Renu gets help from an unexpected source in her search for information on her past.

Letum is bleeding to death and is faced with the greatest fear ofany Ferengi: having to refund a fee.
Maxine Benton is part of the force scrambled to the Korvat system to defend it after it is invaded by the Klingon Empire.

For the complete Star Trek: Unity crossover link the following link: The Nexus

The True

The True

The Swiftfire is attacked for no reason by an unknown enemy deep in the Badlands.  The Swiftfire escapes to a nearby hidden Maquis' base and prepares for a battle with the ships identified as Vendoth ships.  Captain Masters gets captured by the Vendoth and all looks lost but unknown to the crew of the Swiftfire there are two other Beings that are on their side.

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United We Stand

United We Stand

The Vendoth fleet has finally arrived at Sector 001 and is preparing to devastate the capital of the United Federation of Planets.  The Swiftfire, already in system, prepares with the few Starfleet ships in the area to protect the Sol system.

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