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Happy new year for 2021! May it be a tad bit more normal than last year.

Again it has been some time since the last update. As per usual this is due to a lack of things being finished. However, the new year might change this with two short stories (new ones and not rewrites) getting close to finished. I did think of pushing one through before the end of 2020, but changed my mind. Rather than trying to salvage 2020 with minimal gains I'd rather look to a better 2021.

Closing down this site in August 2021

2021 is also looking like the year I finally retire this site. I've been thinking about it for a while now. I thought I might revamp it and do a proper job with decent CSS and maybe even a responsive design. However, there really isn't much value in it anymore to make it worth paying over $100/yr to keep it up. Though this was never worth it, it was always an expense I was willing to pay. However, the site is so dated and if I'm not going to bother updating it to suit the times it's not worth keeping online. So unless I have a major change of heart when my current billing period expires around the start of August this site will disappear.

While the site will go my stories will still be available. I started backing them up on AO3 last year and that will simply now become the primary source for my fanfic. My wiki will also remain since it isn't hosted on this site to serve as a database of my series and the blog I use will continue to serve as my primary place where I talk about writing. So really not much will change apart from links to my stories will no longer come here. Again part of why getting rid of this site is a good idea is because I do much more off it than on.

Along with my site will also go the backup of the Star Trek: Unity crossover event that I've hosted since the original went offline when the free host it was on closed down. Unlike my material I won't be posting any of the stories from Unity that were written by the other authors. I only just got away with doing it before because I rehosted the site itself. It would be for the original authors to post it to places like AO3. Though none of them write anymore and most, if not all, their other fiction has since become unavailable as well. So like so much fan fiction of the past and a lot in the future Unity will just disappear.

Until August I'll post any new stories I complete here still. There really isn't much reason to do that as they'll also be on AO3. I'll also include links to them on AO3, which I haven't been doing with my other stories but will start doing. It's more about a final hurrah for this site than anything logical. So from now on it's best to view this as a temporary backup of my stories. One that I will miss when it's gone.



The first update for a while and for 2019 is that the next short is done and available. "First Choice" is officially the first story under the Swiftfire banner. It covers Jon Masters' assignment to the USS Swiftfire and also will serve as a lead in to "Feeling the Heat", which is the first big SWF story.

Bunch of characters from the pre-reboot SWF make their return. The two really big ones are Susan Core and the proper return of Masters following two small cameos in other shorts. As with the other shorts I'll do a blog post about this story at some point in the future.


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