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Story Release: The fifth short from NaNo13 is now available on my blog.  This time it's a Susan Core tale set in the legendary The Captain's Table.

Minor Update: More minor changes to my continuity with various ship changes in characters' history. 



Story Release: The fourth short from NaNo13 is now available on my blog.  This story is an AU tale connected to "The Final Prophecy" and concerns Terri Letac.

Minor Update: Added another minor change to my continuity with a ship rename. 



Star Trek: Swiftfire would like to wish everyone a (very) belated happy new year and the best for 2015.


I have had a very busy start to the new year and I haven't given out any pleasantries for the new year.  I have put out a little plan for this year on my blog.  Nothing terribly exciting on it, just a few goals I'm sure I'll fail to get. 

My main focus is to complete "There's No Angels Here", which I removed from the site a while ago.  For those who are struggling to remember it's an AU tale that was set in the Pendragon universe, but now is in a universe inspired by's complicated and would make an okay future blog post *idea into idea bank*.

Anyway, thought I'd best appear to show that I haven't slipped into another unofficial hiatus.