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Just gone through the short stories and cleaned them up a bit.  I probably should make it my December task.  Each year I'll go through my stories and fix up any errors, maybe tighten up continuity if needed.  In this case I didn't make any continuity adjustments.

I'm hoping to get "Chariots of Korvat" done and do what I did at the start of this year and put it out on New Years Day.  We'll see how the last week of the year goes and if I can get myself organised enough to do that.



"No Refunds" has finally been uploaded. If you are interested in a little background information on it you can read it at the blog.  It just goes into a bit about Letum.  This is a new piece so, but the following short will be a rewrite of an older short.  No idea when that will be done.  I've been really busy in the back half of this year, so fingers crossed it is before the end of the year.



"What Little Girls Are Made Of" has finally been uploaded a good two months after it should have been.  Got a bit busy and for over a month I didn't even look at it. I also messed with it a bit more than I thought I was going to, which meant it took longer to get done.  Much like "Dissension" the changes are pretty minor continuity-wise.



I've gone and made another pass at "Dissension".  While I was updating the wiki with the info from this I realised just how much assumed knowledge was in there.  So I went back and filled in some of the gaps that I feel needed to be dealt with. 

This has been a pretty good lesson for the future though.  I now realise continuity issues aren't probably going to be my main issue to fix, but rather to make sure that these pieces can better stand in isolation.  Previously these were written with the entirety of my continuity behind them, now they may be the first port of call.  Just have to keep that in mind next time.



Added a previous short story, "Dissension" back into the continuity.  The story covers Aimee Wessling applying to join Starfleet. 

As I said in my blog post this week I was looking at adding my short stories back and this is the first of them.  It didn't need any continuity fixes and only received a minor edit.  It is essentially the same as before.



A new short has been added, "Initiation".  This is a standalone piece that introduces a new character and re-introduces an old one into the rebooted continuity.

For those who don't follow my blog (or check the links out on the main page from time to time) you would have missed out on some writing news.  TDW is no longer going to be the starting point for SWF. With the reboot comes a new story to kick it off and that it is now the major piece I'm working on.



Added links back to the Unity stories and also added the short, "A New Path", which I said I'd do on my blog.  Nothing exciting to report.  Still working on TDW.



Star Trek: The Farthest Star would like to wish everyone a happy new year and the best for 2016.


A new year and there are big changes afoot.  First is the obvious one. I've done the rename I said I would do back in 2014 and am now calling my fanfic, Star Trek: The Farthest Star.  My domain hasn't changed though as I still have some time left to run on my ownership of it, but it probably will.

Returning visitors will note that a lot is missing.  I've taken down a whole bunch of stuff due to the story that I kicked off the year with.  I'm going to be 'rebooting' my series.  It is more of a soft reboot, but I'll go into that in a blog post specifically about it. The main point is my Swiftfire fiction has been removed and is getting reworked from the very beginning.

News from 2015 (some links may no longer work)