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"Chariots of Korvat" is uploaded. It has extensive changes from the original. There is also the first major continuity change from my old continuity within this story. I say it's major, but it is more of a tease than anything. Given how slow I go about writing it is going to take me literally years to catch up from the new beginning of Swiftfire to the events of this story.

Anyway, enjoy the return of this story and Maxine Benton to TFS.


A very belated happy new year everyone, though if you celebrate the lunar new year I'm fairly on time.  Anyway, just a minor update regarding a change to "Ripples". 

Due to the slow progress of the reboot I thought it would be better to just outright name who the Destroyer is.  Previous it was easy to figure out if you'd read some of the older stuff, but as that's all gone and I'm unsure when the relevant parts might come back it just makes sense for me to just be clear about who it is.  It wasn't meant to be a secret.  It was more about the fact I didn't feel I needed to name him.  That's change.

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