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I'm back after some time yet again. Again the problem with doing this as a hobby is it is easy for me to just put it aside and time to zip by. Haven't done much this year with my fanfic. Only just getting started to get back into it in July. Good news is I have used that time to actually finish something.

It is the return of "To Seek and to Be Found" into my continuity. This short focuses on the Vorta Jasis. While she is conducting Dominion business in the Gamma Quadrant she encountered the crew of a Federation starship. While not a main character of the Swiftfire series she did play a big role in the 3rd season and was my first recurring villain. This story isn't tied to any of that, but it is nice to have her back.

I've also adjusted the site a bit. Readded the old ABOUT sections that cover more information on TFS, the history of the series, added a page of link to blog posts about TFS, and the disclaimer is now there as well. Also changed around the organisation of the LOGS page into clear sections. SWF is currently the only section that has yet to have something specifically released for it.


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